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AEI Applied Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering
AGR Agricultural Engineering
ANE Aeronautical Engineering
AUT Automobile Engineering
BA Bachelor of Arts
BAE Bachelor of Arts in Education
BAg Bachelor of Agriculture
BAM Bachelor of Applied Mathematics
BAMS Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery
BArch Bachelor of Architecture
BASLP Bachelor of Audiology & Speech Language Pathology
BBA Bachelor of Business Administration
BBM Bachelor of Business Management
BCA Bachelor of Computer Applications
BCE Bachelor of Civil Engineering
BChE Bachelor of Chemical Engineering
BCL Bachelor of Canon Law
BCom Bachelor of Commerce
BCVT Bachelor of Cardiovascular technology
BD Bachelor of Divinity
BDS Bachelor of Dental Surgery
BE Bachelor of Engineering
BE Bachelor of Education or Bachelor of Engineering
BEd Bachelor of Education
BEE Bachelor of Electrical Engineering
BEMS Bachelor of Electrohomeopathy Medicine and Surgery
BF Bachelor of Forestry
BFA Bachelor of Fine Arts
BFS Bachelor of Fishery Science
BFT Bachelor of Fashion Technology
BHA Bachelor in Hotel Administration
BHM Bachelor in Hotel Management
BHMCT Bachelor Degree in Hotel Management & Catering Technology
BHMS Bachelor of Homoeopathic Medicine and Surgery
BIO BioTechnology
BJ Bachelor of Journalism
BLISc Bachelor of Library Information Science
BLit Bachelor of Literature
BLitt Bachelor of Letters
BLS Bachelor of Liberal Studies or Bachelor of Library Science
BM Bachelor of Medicine or Bachelor of Music
BME BioMedical Engineering
BMLT Bachelor of Medical Lab Technology
BMS Bachelor of Marine Science
BMS Bachelor of Management Studies
BN Bachelor of Nursing
BOPT Bachelor of Optometry
BOT Bachelor of Occupational Therapy
BPA Bachelor of Performing Arts
BPE Bachelor of Physical Education
BPEd Bachelor of Physical Education
BPharm Bachelor of Pharmacy
BPT Bachelor of Physiotherapy
BRE Bachelor of Religious Education
BRIT Bachelor of Radio-diognosis & Imaging Technology
BS Bachelor of Science
BSc Bachelor of Science
BSEd Bachelor of Science in Education
BSMS Bachelor of Siddha Medicine and Surgery
BSW Bachelor of Social Work
BTech Bachelor of Technology
BTHM Bachelor of Tourism and Hotel Management
BTS Bachelor of Tourism
BTTM Bachelor of Travel Tourism Management
BUMS Bachelor of Unani Medicine & Surgery
BVSc Bachelor of Veterinary and Animal Sciences
CAB Commercial Agricultural  and  Business Mgmt
CE Civil Engineer
CEE Civil Environmental Engineering
CEP Continuing Education Programme
CER Chemical (Ceramic) Technology
ChE Chemical Engineer
CHE Chemical Engineering
CIV Civil Engineering
CPE Chemical Petro Engineering
CSE Computer Science and Engineering
CSS Computer Science and Systems Engineering
DA Diploma in Anaesthesiology
DA Diploma in Anesthesia
DA Doctor of Arts
DAM Diploma in Aviation Medicine
DAM Diploma in Ayurvedic Medicine
DAS Doctor of Applied Science
DBA Doctor of Business Administration
DC Doctor of Chiropractic
DCD Diploma in Chest Diseases
DCh Doctor of Chirurgiae (Doctor of Surgery)
DCH Diploma in Child Health
DCM Diploma in Community Medicine
DCP Diploma in Clinical Pathology/Psychology/Pharmacology
DCPM Diploma in Clinical Pathology & Microbiology
DD Diploma in Dermatology
DD Doctor of Divinity
DD&STD Diploma in Dermatology & Sexually Transmitted Diseases
DDK Diploma in Diagnostic Radiology
DDM Diploma in Dermatological Medicine
DDS Doctor of Dental Surgery or Doctor of Dental Science
DDVD Diploma in Dermatology & Venereal Diseases
DDVL Diploma in Dermatology
DDVL Diploma in Dermatology, Venerology and Leprosy
DE Diploma in Embryology
DEd Doctor of Education
Dffl Diploma in Industrial Health
DFM Diploma in Forensic Medicine
DFP Diploma in Family Planning
DGO Diploma in Obstretics & Gynaecology
DGO’ Diploma in Gynecology & Obstetrics
DHA Diploma in Hospital Administration
DHE Diploma in Health Education
DJ Doctor of Laws
DJS Doctor of Juristic Science
DLH Doctor of Humane Letters
DLL Doctor of Laws
DLO PG Diploma in Otorhinolaryngology
DLO Diploma in Laryngology and Otology
DLS Doctor of Library Science
DLSc Diploma in Library Science
DM Doctor of Medicine
DM&CH Diploma in maternity & Child Welfare
DMCH Diploma in Maternity & Child Health
DMD Doctor of Dental Medicine
DMLT Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology
DMLT Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology
DMP Diploma in Medical Psychology
DMPB Diploma in Medical Pathology and Bacteriology
DMR Diploma in Medical Radiology
DMRD Diploma in Magnetic Imaging and Radio Diagnosis
DMRD Diploma in Medical Radio Diagnosis
DMRE Diploma in Medical Radiology & Electrology
DMRIT Diploma in Medical Radio Isotope Techniques
DMRT Diploma in Medical Radiation Therapy
DMS Doctor of Medical Science
DMT Diploma in Medical Transcript
DNT Diploma in Neuro Technician
DO Diploma in Ophthalmology
DO Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine
DOA Diploma in Ophthalmic Assistant
DOE Diploma in Osteology & Urology
DOMS Diploma in Ophthalmic Medicine & Surgery
DOrtho Diploma in Orthopaedics
DOrtho Diploma in Orthopedics
DPA Diploma in Public Administration
DPA Doctor of Public Administration
DPE Diploma in Physical Education
DPed Diploma in Pediatrics
DPH Diploma in Public Health
DPH Doctor of Public Health
DPharm Doctor of Pharmacy
DPM Diploma in Physiological/Psychiatric Medicine
DPM&R Diploma in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
DRE Doctor of Religious Education
DRT Diploma in Radiography Technician
DSc Doctor of Science
DSS Diploma in Social Service
DSTD Diploma in Sexually Transmitted Diseases
DSW Doctor of Social Welfare or Doctor of Social Work
DTCD Diploma in Tuberculosis & Chest Diseases
DTD Diploma in Tuberculosis Diseases
DTD Digital Techniques for Design and Planning
DTM&H Diploma in Tropical Medicine & Hygiene
DTRD Diploma in Tuberculosis & Chest Diseases
DV Diploma in Venereology
DV&D Diploma in Venereology & Dermatology
DVM Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
ECE Electronics and Communication Engineering
ECM Electronics and Computer Engineering
ECS Electronics Control Systems Engineering
EdD Doctor of Education
EE Electrical Engineer
EEE Electrical and Electronics Engineering
EIE Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering
EM Engineer of Mines
EMet Engineer of Metallurgy
ETM Electrnoics and Telematics
FDS Food Science
FPT Food Processing Technology
FSP Facilities and Services Planning
GIN Geoinformatics
GNM General Nursing
ICE Instrumentation and Control Engineering
IE Industrial Engineer or Industrial Engineering
INF Information Technology
IPE Industrial Production Engineering
IST Instrumentation Engineering and Technology
LLB Literally Legum Baccalaureus (Bachelor of Laws)
LLB Bachelor of Laws
LLM Latin Legum Magister (Master of Laws)
MA Master of Arts
MAeroE Master of Aeronautical Engineering
MArch Master of Architecture
MASLP Master of Audiology & Speech Language Pathology
MAT Management Aptitude Test
MBA Master of Business Administration
MBBS Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery
MCA Master of Computer Applications
MCE Master of Christian Education or Master of Civil Engineering
MCh Master of Chirurgiae
MCI Medical Council of India
MCJ Master of Communication & Journalism
MCom Master of Commerce
MCS Master of Computer Science
MCT Mechanical (Mechtronics) Engineering
MD Doctor of Medicine
MDiv Master of Divinity
MDS Master of Dental Surgery
ME Master of Engineering
ME Master of Engineering
MEC Mechanical Engineering
MEd Master of Education
MEd Master of Education
MEng Master of Engineering
MET Metallurgical Engineering
MFA Master of Fine Arts
MHA Master of Hospital Administration
MHRM Master of Human Resources Management
MIN Mining Engineering
MLA Modern Library Association
MLISc Master of Library and Information Science
MLitt Master of Letters
MLL Master of Laws
MLS Master of Library Science
MLT Medical Laboratory Technician
MM Master of Music
MME Master of Mechanical Engineering or Master of Music Education
MME Mining Machinery Engineering
MMH Master of Management in Hospitality
MMT Metallurgy and Material Technology
MMus Master of Music
MN Master of Nursing
MOT Master of Occupational Therapy
MPA Master of Performing Arts
MPEd Master of Physical Education
MPharm Master of Pharmacy
MPhil Master of Philosophy
MPT Master of Physical Therapy
MRE Master of Religious Education
MS Master of Science
MSc Master of Science
MSW Master of Social Work
MTA Master of Tourism Application
MTech Master of Engineering
MTh Master of Theology
MVSc Master of Veterinary and Animal Sciences
NMA Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering
OD Doctor of Optometry
PET Petroleum Technology
PG Post Graduate
PGDAHS Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Social Work and Counseling Practice
PGDIT Post Graduate Diploma in Information Technology
PGDLAN Post Graduate Diploma in Library Automation and Networking
PharmD Doctor of Pharmacy
PhB Bachelor of Philosophy
PhD Doctor of Philosophy
PhD Doctorate in Philosophy
SB Bachelor of Science
ScD Doctor of Science
SJD Doctor of Juridical Science or Doctor of the Science of Law
SScD Doctor of Social Science
STB Bachelor of Sacred Theology
STD Doctor of Sacred Theology
STM Master of Sacred Theology
TEXTEX Textile Technology
TGT Trained Graduate Teacher
ThB Bachelor of Theology
ThD Doctor of Theology
ThM Master of Theology
TTC Teachers Training Course
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